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Since Alan Yu and Marvin Cheng opened the first Lollicup Coffee & Tea shop in 2000, the company has grown, not only to be a staple in the beverage industry, but also an industry leader in Boba.

A key element of Lollicup Coffee & Tea’s success has been Lollicup USA, Inc.’s notable management team. Lollicup’s dedicated executive team has been with the company since inception and is the heart of the Lollicup Coffee & Tea family.

Alan Yu
co-founder / president / CEO

Having spent numerous years traveling back and forth between Taiwan and America, Alan realized that the beverages he loved while visiting Asia weren’t readily available once he returned home. After collaborating with Marvin over the course of a few months, the two opened their first Lollicup Coffee & Tea in 2000.

Under Alan’s leadership, the company has grown exponentially and the future looks no different. Alan is constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to enhance the customer’s drink experience.

Marvin Cheng
co-founder / CFO

Having worked with Alan previously on another business venture, Marvin collaborated with Alan in establishing Lollicup Coffee & Tea.

Marvin currently spearheads supply-chain management and inventory control including procurement and oversight of global food safety and quality systems, ensuring our products are made with quality ingredients.

Joanne Wang
vice president of sales and operations

Having known both Marvin and Alan for numerous years, Joanne joined Lollicup Coffee & Tea with extensive management experience. Prior to Lollicup, Joanne led development as well as sales and marketing communications at Alaska Premium Beverage & Bottling, TeleMedia, Bigzoo.com and Pincity.com.

Joanne currently is responsible for the strategic direction in sales and oversees operations.